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Taking care of your grooming scissors

Tim Ryman |

The dog grooming scissors from Masterclip are professional tools that are designed and made with the specific job to cut and style animal hair, just as professional hairdresser’s scissors are.

There are many styles of scissors to achieve different cuts and finishes, but each is developed to provide a smooth operation and ensure they are balanced, lightweight and comfortable when being used for long periods of time.

The Masterclip pro grooming scissors range comprises of:

7.5” Curved Scissors – Provide a smooth rounded edge for softening contours and giving a rounded look to the face, such as in the teddy bear look.

6” Bull Nose Scissors – These convex edge scissors deliver a cut with a straight edge but have safety rounded ends to the blades making them suitable for delicate trimming, such as around the face and between the pads.

7.5” Finishing Scissors – Convex edge scissors that deliver a straight cut to give a crisp, clean show finish.

6.5” Thinning Scissors – The convex, serrated edge scissors only partially remove the hair to leave a soft natural looking finish. Ideal for evening out densely packed areas of coat such as the chest, blending and feathering. Leaves a soft natural looking finish.

The Masterclip range of scissors all feature an adjustable tension screw to allow the scissors to be adjusted to the right pressure to provide the best cutting action on different densities of fur, for the user’s preference. They also have detachable finger rests and removable rubberised finger inserts for a snug fit.

With the right attention and care, your scissors will last many years. Our scissors are made from a high-grade mirror polish stainless steel.  The edges of the scissors are extremely sharp, but this precision cut can be easily damaged with improper use.

Using your scissors to cut anything other than hair such as paper or fabric will make them lose their edge very quickly.

Figure 1 - Damage caused to the cutting edge due to cutting fabric or paper

It’s also essential to only ever use your scissors on clean fur. Dirt and grit can damage the cutting surfaces leaving the edge pitted. Also, cutting a greasy coat will also leave a film on the blades, leading to a dull cutting surface. It’s is also important to bathe your dog using a specialist shampoo that will not coat and leave a residue on the hair.

Masterclip’s range of natural shampoos are ideal for this. Coat conditioning sprays and fragrances should be applied to the coat after the scissoring is complete.

Your scissors should be cleaned after every use to keep them in the best possible condition.  

Scissors may be cleaned using a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to remove any residue and also a dab clipper oil or specialist scissor oil on the pivot to keep it moving smoothly.

Our scissors may be re-sharpened and this best to be carried out by a professional to ensure the blades to ensure the best finish and to prolong the life of your scissors. We recommend Shear Ease Limited.

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